Artistic photo, graphics, St.Petersburg

Photographer Iriha Kovaleva-Kondurova

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The objective is impartial.

It with identical accuracy fixes both lacks and advantages of object.

But when the artist interferes with process,

hardly appreciable becomes the main thing, obvious - unsteady, ephemeral - monumental.

A photo - the turned world, real and fantastic simultaneously.

"And I so see!"

Also I allow to see another...

      Iriha. So acquaintances, friends and close people call me. I will not disappear behind a semi-official

    organ of  questionnaires, and I will simply write that I consider for myself important … 

      I was born in 1982, in Moscow. In 12 years has moved to St.-Petersburg. Probably, for someone this

    fact has  no value, but I am proud of the accessory to these two cities - great, inseparably linked with

    each   other, but such miscellaneous …

      I have grown in a family of artists, therefore the trade choice is natural - it is almost impossible to

     imagine   something other when you are surrounded with interesting, creative people. I am a designer by

    raining, the artist, some years professionally I am engaged in a photo and computer processing,

    and as design of interiors.

      In the works I try to combine that I am able also that I see. Whether it be an instant casually caught in

    street or work in studio where plots and images are created. Pass on gallery of emotions, moods,

    landscapes   and portraits. Pleasant travel!


·        In 2005 has finished the St.-Petersburg Is art-industrial Academy, chair of Industrial design (it the General design).

·        With 1997 for 2008 the constant participant of the International Festival of Arts "Master class" ·


·        1994г. The Showroom Okhta – (an exhibition of families of artists).

·        from 1997 on 2008 within the limits of festival "Master class" in showrooms the Arena, S-pb the Union of Artists, the Ethnographic museum.

·        2001г. «Solovki» in «a white hall» S-PbSAIA.

·        2002г. «Solovki» in Army medical college.

·        2003г. «Solovki on Solovkah» an art hangar Solovetsky islands the Arkhangelsk region

·        2004г. "The Spring" exhibition in S-PbUA · 2004г. "The Autumn" exhibition in S-PbUA

·         2005г. "The Spring" exhibition in S-PbUA · 2005г.« Autumn »an exhibition in S-PbUA

·         2006г. The big hall S-pb of the Union of Artists (a personal exhibition).

·        2006г. A Petrovsky Fort (a personal exhibition).

·        2006г. Hotel Repino (a personal exhibition).

·        2006« Spring »an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        2006г. International 3 Bienale of the Drawing Bin2006

·        2006г. Blitz R and« the Master class »the Square hall of the Union of Artists of St.-Petersburg.

·        2006-2007г.г.« Mysticism of a night city "and" a minimum "in" Line_cafe »the North the Neva prospectus (a personal exhibition).

·        2006« Autumn »an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        2006« Antique Petersburg in "the Penthouse of artists» on the Big prospectus. «APXE - the beginnings» the First Russian-Greek симпосий the modern art.

·        2006г. «Petersburg – thirst of changes» club "Revolution"

·        2007г. «Spring» an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        2007г «Autumn» an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        2008г.« Spring »an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        200. International 4 Bienale of the Drawing Bin2008

·        2008г« Anniversary exhibition UA - 75 Years »an exhibition in S-PbUA

·        2008г the Exhibition within the limits of Project ARXE and the international days of Petersburg in Athenes. Greece.

·         and as since 2007 — a member of the Union of Artists of Russia

(c) Copyright Iriha Kovaleva-Kondurova,

St.Petersburg, 2014

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