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Photographer Iriha Kovaleva-Kondurova

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   Any kinds of photography, in studio and outside.

   - Photography of people, studio portrait, outside, reporting, portfolio, nude
   - Advertising.
   - Wedding.
   - Landscapes.
   - Macro and close-up.
   - Photo of pictures and other things, for catalogue.
   - other

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 My photos examples:




 " Pushkin's Autumn".

  Gold  Autumn of 2008.




  "8 Soviet". An interior of an entrance of an apartment house on 8 Soviet.

   Authors of Interior Iriha and Lyudmila  Kovaleva-Kondurova.




  "An antiquity garden". The project АРХЕ. 2008г.





  "Autumn's  bride" 2008г





  "Autumn" Series: Fairy tales about butterflies






  "Red witch Gella".





  "Theatre". Series: Games with puppets.







  "Defects". Series: Games with puppets.





  "Game". Series: Games with puppets.






  Portrait in studio.




  Child portrait in studio.









   Family Portrait in studio. Retro.







  Portrait in studio.






   Portrait in studio.
















(c) Copyright Iriha Kovaleva-Kondurova,

St.Petersburg, 2014

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